Is it Worth Getting a Warranty on Your Used Car?

Discover the benefits of an extended warranty for your second hand vehicle

  • Is it Worth Getting a Warranty on Your Used Car?

Warranties aren’t just designed for new cars, but used cars too; just because a car is ‘used’ doesn’t mean it should be any less loved. We often get asked if a used car warranty is worth it and our answer to that question is yes! 

To help you understand more about the benefits of extended warranty cover, we explain what a used car warranty is for, what parts are and aren’t covered, and what can invalidate the warranty on your used car. Read on to find out more… 

What is a used car warranty for?

Although a car will be under a manufacturer warranty when new, it is likely that a used car will be out of warranty depending on its age. In this instance, an extended warranty package is usually recommended by the dealership as it will cover the cost should something go wrong with your car post-purchase. 

From electrical elements to mechanical parts and labour, extended warranty or ‘used car warranty’ will ensure you aren’t landed with a hefty bill should the worst happen. Like any warranty package, not every part of the car is included as standard, but you can opt for different levels of protection depending on your needs and monthly budget allowance. 

Further down the article, we’ve explained more about what parts are and aren’t covered under a standard used car warranty package.        

Is a second hand car warranty worth it?

In our opinion, yes, a second hand car warranty is absolutely worth it. As a car owner, driving a vehicle without a warranty is risky. Of course, it may be that you’re not covered by an extended warranty and never have a problem, but what if you did? Could you pay the fees for parts and labour? That’s really the question you should be asking yourself when considering a used car warranty. 

What is an approved-used car warranty?

While a standard extended warranty for used cars is offered by third party warranty companies, an approved-used car warranty is one that is either directly provided by, or ‘approved’ by the manufacturer. What’s included in the package will be very much the same.     

What parts are covered under used car warranty?

Used car warranty packages can differ and of course the pricer the package you go for, the more will be included. In alphabetical order, the items commonly covered by a used car warranty include:

  • Air conditioning
  • Automatic and manual gearbox
  • Casings
  • Clutch
  • Drive axle
  • Driver interface systems
  • Electrical system
  • Engine
  • Engine cooling system
  • Engine management (ECU)
  • Front and rear brakes
  • Front and rear suspension
  • Fuel system
  • Hybrid and electrical vehicles
  • Hybrid batteries
  • In-car entertainment (ICE) and satellite navigation systems
  • Steering
  • Transmission/Drivetrain
  • Wheel bearings

What parts are not covered under used car warranty?

As with a manufacturer warranty on a new car, used car warranties won’t cover certain parts. These tend to be wear and tear items such as batteries, brakes, tyres and windscreen wipers for example. The reason for this is that these items usually only ‘fail’ because they have reached their shelf life and are worn out, rather than breaking because they are faulty. 

How long do used car warranties last?

When it comes to how long used car warranties last, then the duration is entirely up to you. As standard, most extended warranties are from 12 months up to 36 months, but you can purchase short-term warranty packages for just three months depending on your circumstances. 

What invalidates a used car warranty?

It’s important to understand that your used car warranty can be voided in a number of ways. To fully understand the terms and conditions of an extended warranty package, always read the small print before you sign on the dotted line.

To give you an idea of what can invalidate your used car warranty, we’ve listed the most common reasons a warranty provider won’t pay out on a claim:

  1. Making modifications to the vehicle
  2. Fitting non-standard parts or ones which aren’t manufacturer approved
  3. Poor car maintenance through lack of servicing
  4. Filling the car with incorrect fluids, such as the wrong type of oil
  5. Overloading the vehicle beyond its weight-bearing capacity
  6. Reckless driving of any kind
  7. Using the car for racing or off-road driving 
  8. Damage caused by natural disasters, such as flooding

Award winning warranty packages at Windmill Motors

Here at Windmill Motors, we like to provide our customers with priceless peace of mind thanks to our award winning warranty packages. We’ve teamed up with Autoguard Warranties - a multi-award winning warranty provider - who can protect you against unforeseen mechanical and electrical problems with your used vehicle.

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