Questions To Ask When Buying A Used Car

Read our guide for the best questions to ask when selecting a new set of wheels

  • Questions To Ask When Buying A Used Car

Deciding on the next car in your life is no small task, so doing your research is an absolute must. Whilst there are plenty of internet searches to be done, as well as an honest evaluation of your lifestyle and what you need from your next car, when it comes to the final decision, sometimes only the person selling the one you’re interested in can help. 

At Windmill Motors, we’re always happy to address those burning questions you have when you’re selecting your new set of wheels. It’s important to get the most out of the car-buying process so that you truly find the right one. Below, we have outlined some of the best questions to ask when buying a used car… 

How economical is the car? 

In times such as these, with rocketing petrol prices and the cost of living at a high, you’d be wise to enquire about the value your car can offer. You’ll want to consider all angles, such as how much the vehicle will be to tax and insure, the fuel economy you’ll get from it, the cost of servicing, and whether or not you’ll need to pay the Congestion Charge, and/or the ULEZ charge. 

If you regularly commute in and around London, take a look at the used vehicles we have in stock here at Windmill Motors that are ULEZ compliant, and therefore won’t see you having to cough up for use within the zone.

What safety features are included? 

Obviously, we expect all the vehicles under our care to include strict safety features, and manufacturers are legally obligated to make sure that this is the case. However, with driver assistance technology such as lane assist, blind spot monitoring and autonomous emergency braking available in many modern models, it’s important to establish whether a vehicle with these features installed is a must-tick on your list of criteria. 

Safety research is a particularly important part of choosing your new vehicle if it’s going to be a ferry for all the family, and you might want to run your list of contenders past the Euro NCAP website too. Euro NCAP independently compares and rates vehicles based on the safety they offer through a series of crash tests. 

When you’re on the Windmill Motors forecourt taking a look at your potential new car, ask one of our team to point out and explain any additional safety features the car has, to help set your mind at rest. 

Is finance available? 

Let’s be honest, paying upfront for a car is a huge investment! That’s why financial support exists, to help spread that big cost over monthly payments to fit your finances. At Windmill Motors, we offer finance solutions and work with a range of UK lenders to ensure our customers get the best deal for them; we aim to bring the car they’re after within reach through affordable monthly payments if we can. From Hire Purchase (HP) to Personal Contract Purchase (PCP) options, ask a member of our team what your options are when it comes to financing your vehicle. 

What driver convenience does the car offer? 

There’s no denying it; car tech has stepped up a gear in recent years. As we spend a lot of time in our vehicles, the ways in which they can make our journeys smoother and more enjoyable needs to be explored when you’re deciding on the right one for you.

If you’re often on the road, then sat nav, adaptive cruise control and an infotainment system that supports features such as Apple CarPlay and audio streaming will be pretty handy - every journey needs the right tunes! If your new vehicle needs to adapt to family life and those never-ending around-town errands, you’ll be so grateful for an automatic tailgate, parking sensors and rear passenger seat entertainment. 

Is warranty included? 

It’s worth asking whether warranty is included or available as an extra, as this can reassure you that not only will you be protected if anything goes wrong, but that the place you’re buying the car from is reputable and trustworthy. 

It’s important to us at Windmill Motors that you don’t feel on your own once you’ve driven away in your new vehicle, which is where our warranty policies come in. These protect against both mechanical and electrical failure of elements within your car, and can provide peace of mind both practically and financially. 

Find your next used car in Lincolnshire 

Whatever you need from your next used car, asking the right questions will help lead you to the perfect one. When you choose Windmill Motors for your next used car, our knowledgeable team will be happy to answer whatever questions you may have about our extensive range of stock, and the process of purchasing a car through us. 

Get started by browsing all the used vehicles that we have available here - you can even reserve online through our website too!