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Autoguard provide warranty for your peace of mind.

We offer market leading warranty protection in partnership with Autoguard, their warranties protect you against unforeseen electrical and mechanical failure of your new vehicle.

All makes and models can be covered with unlimited mileage and unlimited claims up to the value of your vehicle. Also, parts and labour are covered and repairs can be completed nationwide at any vat registered garage.

"Our mission has been to create the best range of products available today, and combine them with a support service that gets customers back on the road quickly, with as little inconvenience and stress as possible. We achieve this by focusing on fairness and common sense, rather than looking for loopholes." - Autoguard Warranties

Did you know?

Windmill Motors offer a price-dependant warranty, free of charge.







*** Please note: All vehicles that are sold as a "Trade Sale" will not come with any warranty given or implied and are sold as seen ***

Extend your warranty cover, stay protected

In addition to all the 'peace of mind' benefits of purchasing your next car from Windmill Motors Ltd we go one step further in offering you the added benefit of extending your warranty to cover you for up 3 years, not only giving you peace of mind now, but long into the future.

For full details of specific parts covered and to find out more about our extended warranty packages please contact us.

FREE Breakdown Cover Included for the duration of your warranty.

12 months

£299 + VAT

Cover your car for an additional 12 months with Autoguard and stay protected against all of the below items. Stay smart, stay protected.

24 months

£499 + VAT

Cover your car for an additional 24 months with Autoguard and stay protected against all of the below items. Stay smart, stay protected.

36 months

£699 + VAT

Cover your car for an additional 36 months with Autoguard and stay protected against all of the below items. Stay smart, stay protected.

The following items are covered, depending on your level of protection

  • Automatic & CVT Transmissions
    All components contained within the transmission casing.
  • Brakes
    Master cylinder; ABS wheel speed sensor, restrictor valve and servo.
  • Casings
    The following casings are only covered if their failure is a direct results of a failure of a covered component and will constitute part of the total claim subject to the guarantee limits: Cylinder block, cylinder head, gearbox casing, axle housing.
  • Clutch
    Master and external slave cylinders (exclusing burnt out parts and wear & tear).
  • Drive Axle
    Internal crown wheel and pinion, gears, shafts, bearings and bushes, thrust washers and spacers, drift shafts, including constant velocity joints, hubs, universal joints and couplings. Excluding gaiters.
  • Electrical System
    Starter motor, alternator, coil, window and sun roof motors, electric window switches, sunroof switch, central locking motor, heater fan motor, indicator flash relay, distributor, front and rear windscreen wiper motors, electrical fuel pump, windscreen washer motors, electronic ignition amplifier, thermostatically-controlled radiator fan motor, horn and tend sender unit.
  • Engine
    The rocker assembly, including hydraulic followers, inlet and exhaust valves (except carbonised, burnt, pitted and sticking valves), cylinder head gasket, camshaft and followers, oil pump, pistons and rings, con-rods, gudgeon pins and bearings, crankshaft and bearings and ring gear.
  • Engine Cooling System
    Water pump, viscous fan coupling, thermostat and thermostat housing, heater matrix and coolant temperature sensor. Excluding frost damage.
  • Engine Management (ECU)
    Engine electronic control unit.
  • Front & Rear Suspension
    Coil springs, upper and lower wishbones and ball and swivel joints. Excluding bushes.
  • Fuel System
    Throttle body, airflow meter, throttle position sensor, oxygen sensor, throttle potentiometer, map sensor, injectors, lift pump, mechanical fuel pump. Excluding breakdown as a result of contamination or failure to meet current emission legislation.
  • Manual Gearbox
    All internal components contained within the transmission casing.
  • Steering (incl. Power Assisted Steering)
    Steering rack and pinion, steering box, pump and idler box. Excluding power steering belts, external links and joints, rubber boots, swivel pins and oil leaks.
  • Wheel Bearings
    Front and rear wheel bearings for sudden and unexpected mechanical failure only.

Added benefits with Autoguard

Vehicle Recovery

In the event of an emergency breakdown due to the failure of a covered component, the guarantee holder is entitled to a recovery to the nearest authorised repairing dealer.

Continental Use

The breakdown repair cost element of this guarantee is extended to recover the vehicle whilst travelling within the EU for a period of 60 days within each year.

Transfer Requests

Subject to the approval of Autoguard, this guarantee may only be transferred with the vehicle direct to a new private owner.

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AXA Assistance Recovery

We now offer AXA Assistance Recovery Cover with all warranties taken out for 6 months and over free of charge.

For full details and to find out more about our AXA Assistance Recovery packages please contact us.

What's included?

  • Roadside Assistance
  • Nationwide Recovery
  • Homestart in the UK
  • Misfuelling
  • Key Protection